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Dit wilden jullie weten van Eddie Kramer

Dit wilden jullie weten van Eddie Kramer

19, January 2018

Deze week is in Londen ons interview opgenomen met Eddie Kramer, de befaamde studiotechnicus van Jimi Hendrix. Wij stelden hem onderstaande vragen, die jullie van hem wilden weten. Binnenkort gaan we het interview op Facebook uitzenden, dus stay tuned!



Did Jimi record in 1 take or did he need more takes?

Bart de Keijzer, Tiel


How many tracks were used when recording Jimi and was this enough?

Bart de Keijzer, Tiel


There are 2 versions of Voodoo Child on Electric Ladyland. Why was that – which one is the first?

Henk van den Hurk, Hoorn


What aspect of Jimi do you miss the most?

Vincent van Kleef, Amsterdam


What was the first thing  Jimi did when he entered the studio?

Alex Vet, Soesterberg


Who came up with the idea to put ‘…and the Gods made love’ on Electric Ladyland?

Lars Kemper, Haarle


Was recording with Jimi easy?

Frank Nijenhuis, Deventer


Jimi Hendrix’ music in surround sound… good idea?

Haro Musters, Hilversum


Who was Jimi’s big inspiration?

Ivan de Graaf, Heiloo


What was Jimi’s dream to play if he would have lived longer ?

Koos de Reijer, Breda


Did Jimi ever get involved in the technical side of recording?

Brian Thompson, Lemmet


Is there more music of Jimi, that we can expect in the future?

Wout Bomer, Maartensdijk


If there’s one guitarist that came close to the genius of Jimi, who would that be?

Alex Dekker, Ermelo